Pierre-Antoine Gillet


Professional basketball player

Belgian League Champion :
13-14, 14-15, 15-16, 16-17

Belgian Cup :
13-14, 14-15, 15-16, 16-17

Supercup :
09-10, 14-15, 15-16

Belgian Rookie of the Year : 

Belgian Player of the Year :

Champions League finalist 2018-2019

Lorenzo Giancaterino

professional basketball player

 1X winner of the Belgian Cup

Ioann Iarochevitch

Professional basketball player

Brieuc Lemaire

Professional basketball player

2 finals of the 2016-2017 Belgian Cup with Limbourg United

and in 2017-2018 with Belfius Mons Hainaut

Tom Karbowiak

Basketball player
Spirou Charleroi

Steve Hérélius

World Champion in boxing WBA.
Champion of France in boxing.

Sanae Jah

Nickname : “Killer Bee”

English Boxing -51 Kg

1X World champion WBA in 2017

1X International WBC champione

1X Champion of Belgium

1st Mondial in 2014


Boxe Thaï

7X World champion

4X European champion

3X Benelux champion

102 fights, 102 winning (64 KO)

Secola Roberto

Professionnal boxer, heavywheight.

Sheldon Moore

Belgian Champion in Boxing

Benjamin Harmegnies 

10X Champion of Belgium

7th Military world games
2 x 3th place in European cup
2 x 5th place in European cup
5th European Championship -23

3th European Championship -23
5 medals in European cup
3th in World cup

2 x 1st place in World cup
35th rank worlwide

Daria Pogorzelec

Professionnal Judoka

Silver medal at the European Championships in Sarajevo

7th place at the Olympics Games in London

Qualified for the Olympics Games in Rio

Eddy plume

Multiple Marathons

100 Km de Millau (F) 2011

Tour de France 2015

Tour de Wallonie (B) 2017

Run U.S.A. 2019


Stéphane Pelissier

100 Km de Millau (1996,1997,2005,2006)

Spartathlon 2003, 2001 (35th)

Badwater 2006 (12th)

Sakura-Michi 2007 (10th)

Transe Gaule 2007 (4th)

Transe Europe 2009 (10th)

100 Km du spiridon Catalan (1st)

24h du confluent (1st) (record of the event)

Run U.S.A. 2019


Alice Mahieu

State Champion 2018 California asymmetric bars.

2nd in California championship in vault

Bruno Leclercq

Fitness Coach:
Professional Team RAEC Mons (Belgium D1 and D2) from 2009 to 2014

Graduated UEFA A (Belgian Football Union)

Professional Team Sporting Charleroi
(Belgium D1)

3x finisher of the Ironman

Michael Cordier

Professionnal football player

2x Champion of Belgium with R.S.C. Anderlecht

1x Supercup

1x Champion of Belgacom league with Westerlo

1x Champion of Belgium with FC Bruges

Christophe Hindricq

Champion of Belgium from 2000 to 2017

Vice European champion 2001

European champion 2005

Participation in paralympics Athens 2004,

London 2012, Rio 2016 (bronze medal).

European champion by stages 2006

Luana Debatty

Professionnal karateka (-68 kg)

Sever times Belgium champion.

Ranking Golden league: 6th.

World championships (2012): 7th place.

3 International championships winner (2015-2016).

Golden League (2016): 2nd place.

World ranking (2016): 17th place.

Cynthia Culit

Bodyfitness BPF Belgium champion 2011 and 2012

2nd place European championship 2013

4th place Mister UNIVERS 2011

3th place Mister UNIVERS 2012

Jean-Claude Abdoune

Physical Trainer for high level athletes

Aurore Bricard


Supply Chain Manager

Philippe Lippens

General Manager of Editor Group

Xavier Bostem

Manager of Carafe

Anna Grisoni


Joke Leloux

The Voice Belgium

Frederic Maltesse

Radio animator
Off voice

Sabrina Little

Business women

General Manager
MDN Group & MDN Immo

Le Carrosse de Mons

Hospital for people with mental disabilities


Real estate agency

What do they think?


He is very strong indeed !!! Last year he came to a seminar on capacity building and self-confidence among athletes in RUGBY CLUB FRAMERIES, this has enabled many players to improve, personally he allowed me to believe until after my dreams and in the national team has reached the end of season 2016, I recommend him !!! I ‘still have a jersey for you.

C.R. ( Spain )

Verdict…I had an excellent fly. Only a little moment of panic with the little turbulence otherwise very well. This give me the desire to travel more often.
I have to admit , you are really talented.

J.P. ( Belgium )

I felt and saw things….it was so deep and so far…
Very soon, I realized things were changing in me!
In a short time, you were able to identify me but mostly to help me get better.
I tell you “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart.

V. L. ( Belgium )

You are an excellent mental coach, your sessions prove themselves, I quickly became confident in you. A single session is enough to feel better and see more clearly.

R. T. ( France )

I went home and put into practice the result of our session, you allowed my husband and I to get out of a situation who was not well embarked. From my side, everything is going well, I continue to follow your valuable advices. You helped me tremendously , thank you.

M. P. ( U.S.A. )

I was somebody who just grumble and with your work with me, I became calmer and thanks for that, I was able to progress in my tennis and in my everyday life. You did an amazing job with me.

J.D. ( Belgium )

Stronger, yesterday I went to get chocolate croissants for my colleagues and not for me. No desire as usually.

C. R. ( Belgium )

I was unhappy, you listened to me, you asked some questions , you spoke to me. You opened my eyes , you went directly to the problem and you help me to realize it.
Now, my life is like I wanted it. I found peace and serenity. Thank you from my heart.

D.V. ( Italy )